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The loyal royal diamond wedding anniversary
11/29/2007 @ 4:43pm

(Written in honour of the diamond wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth
II to HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - 20th November 2007)

The Queen knew since the prince first burst into the gloom of the room,
that he was the one hun.
The wedding was heading from the start to be an everlasting casting.
The keen Queen was not green awaiting her wedding.
The genes of the Queen were already steady,
but with the prince's blood not dud, the loyal royal's throne's bone was not
prone to groan.
It had it's ups and downs with crowns,
but what more could one expect with all there chores at the doors.
But sixty years on they're still not gone.
The Queen being the first monarch to celebrate their diamond cursory
They always meant their content.
The kind of loyalty that it shows glows.
Thank the gods or dogs.

Copyright 2007 William Cody Winter.
Copyright © willwinuk, All Rights Reserved

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