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Love is God
12/02/2007 @ 5:40am

Love is God
and God is love.
Love is respect for yourself and others.
Love is lending someone a helping hand.
Love is wishing the best for others even
if they have more than you do.
Love is HONESTY!
Love is caring for how a person might feel-
Are they sad or lonely?
Take a few minutes out of your busy day and
lend them an ear or shoulder - it could change
the rest of their day or the rest of their life!
Love is compassion.
Love is empathy.
Love does not judge a person by their past.
It accepts the person as they are now.
Love can see beauty in everyone.
Love forgives and forgets.
Love is taking care of yourself and others.
God is in each and every person.
Whatever you do to a person you also do to God.
When we open our Bible's of our religion
there only needs to be one word written
Because with love,
all things good
come naturally.
With love,
comes peace,
and the desire to do our best for ourselves
and for others.
This is what God and Love means to me. :-)
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