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My England of old
12/06/2007 @ 11:31am

England the grand land that was once vowed to be proud.
They proudly loudly sung with heart and soul 'God Save the Queen'.
But now content to be bland with no brand and to cower with out power to the
Modern invaders intent on killing our national indenity and history, with
full blessing of government.
Many of our great land wish for change but their finger lingers with no will
of pride.
England where have you gone?

I shout out loud with all my being 'where Is my England of old?'.
Oh where where is my England of red and white, of King, Queens and princes
Where are the days of the flag, cheers and the tears of love for queen and
Oh England, What would the great englishman of past say to see you now?
Shakespeare, What say you? King Arthur, What say you? Elizabeth I, how about
People of England, just read a few simple history books to see what we once
were, Can you truely say with all heart and spirit that you care not for
the rich history of our land?
England where have you gone?

Copyright 2007, William Cody Winter.
Copyright © willwinuk, All Rights Reserved

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