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12/12/2007 @ 4:30am

I was a wild horse, a free spirit
and you tried to break me in
Fitted me with a saddle and jumped right on top
I threw you from the reins
And to my surprise you got back on again
Weeks went by filled with confusion and pain
You took me in gave me food,brushed my hair and gave me a stable to call my
You tried to convince me that this was my home
I wasn't haven't any of it,I wouldn't admitt defeat
I swished my hair and stomped my feet
But then one day you came to me,let me out and said 'Go on run free'
I galloped the fields
Grazed on long green flowing grass
Admired the whispy white clouds up high
But something was missing,I let out a sigh
Tried to distract my attention by admiring the view
But something was missing,that thing it was you.
I'd grown accustomed to your presence
Now beyond the fences
I felt lost
So I ran at full pace
Couldn't wait to see your smiling face
I trotted on up to you
And let out a neigh
This neigh it meant 'I want to stay'

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