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Them is fighting words
12/19/2007 @ 5:08pm

Look this isn't like anything you've seen before.
Before you go hatin check it out.
Its nothing to do with fighting or hatin..
and its nothing about love.

I want to be more open and talk about stuff you'll like.
Don't exit the page just yet..keep reading.
I'll promise it will get good.
But if it doesn't don't leave me comments saying how stupid it

Like I said its nothing you've seen before..
but probably the last..don't think about copying it..cause I'll
get the last laugh.

I'm not going to use big words to try and impress you....cause that
ain't my game.
But I will use what I got and thats my brain.

So before you go hatin and before you say what you got to say..
just remember you could never insult the game I play.

So one last time..this isn't what you you know.
Its about how I roll
And if you ain't likin it
Oh well, fo' sho'.
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