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To God
12/26/2008 @ 1:42am

A kiss of death,
Upon the one who has forgotten.
Your lips pray onto these lips,
What sin the Unmournfuls match.

To be wherein the swallow’s grave,
While raven sings her tedious song.
Death shines within tomorrow’s reach,
A plague upon the certainty of mortal integrity.

Though madness enchants a Hell becoming,
Darkness weaves the immortal line.
We are all bound to die here, such destruction is for creation,
The devastation of the world within the land of the decaying.

Solidarity brought upon the throne of institution,
Raise the torch of inequity, and so doth the hypocrisy.
You are the narrator of Hell,
So what will you do when the fire runs out?

Ease the eyes of authority away from the hourglass of the universe,
Things aren’t controlled because you wave your cross.
When stepping off your pedestal,
Try not to fall upon the lies you have webbed.

Follow this path, and be guided to Eden,
Of pure, unadulterated wisdom.
Then breathe upon this Mortal Sin you have converged,
Formed out of clay homo sapiens destroy it.

Burned to the ground the Holy Land smolders,
Aroused by hatred and fear.
Till death did them part, to fall upon these eyes,
Topography of the human paradox.

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