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Prayer of a Horse
01/03/2009 @ 2:53am

I am but a horse dear sir, an animal at his best.
But like all things alive I need a day of rest.
I work hard for you for 6 days at a turn,
So that the 7th day I can get the rest I earn.

I ask not much only food and water is alright,
and a clean soft stable to lay down in at night.
A groom every now and then'll be good,
a little pat of loving when I'm in a crappy mood.

I ask you not to kick me when we go out on a ride,
I ask you to remember that I also own some pride.
I ask you not to whip me sir when I don't understand.
But instead a kind word and soft pat with your hand.

I ask you not to sell me when I get old and lame,
But to take care of me just like the day I came.
I want you to still feed me oats and hay,
The better you care for me the longer I can stay.

And when time comes for my last-est breath,
give me the blessing of a quick and painless death.
This dear sir is all I ask from thee,
I am but a horse, the greatest that I can be.

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