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The Truth About Santa
01/03/2009 @ 2:54am

Santa Clause is a man of great fame,
He is the one millions know by name.
All over the world his name is known,
As are those of the reindeer he own.

Here is the story that never came told,
Of how dear Santa brings gifts from the cold.
It is the thing nobody bothered to tell,
Maybe it's better, maybe it's swell.

Bought a rusty old sleigh back in time,
Got it for pennies and half a silver dime.
Painted it flashy with neon paint from the store,
He put it on display for people to adore.

Later got bored with the whole shebang,
Got a friend that breeds reindeer and roped up a gang.
First there was Dasher named so for speed,
He was the one Santa never had to feed.

Second came Dancer, the frilly old goat
He came with a top hat and large over coat.
Prancer his brother was lesser dressed,
But he sure had a way to dance better than the rest.

Vixen the small one had little to say,
Comet the fat one could eat twice a day.
Cupid the leader was right at the top,
Donner the follow up often had to stop.

Blitzen the last one right at the back,
And so Santa roped them into a small little pack.
He put them in order and cracked with his lips,
Up they went to the great mountain tips.

Around and round they flew for days,
Until Santa was lost in so many ways.
He landed somewhere between nowhere and snow,
He stayed there until the wind started to blow.

Frostbited Santa was carried by elves small,
They carried the reindeer and warmed up them all.
With a cup of hot chocolate Santa thanked them well,
He told the lead elf that he was a real pall.

Asked for directions and was about to leave,
When a small little thing plucked on his sleeve.
Dear sir it said you have never repaid,
For the time you and reindeer have pleasantly stayed.

Santa was shocked but non the less was prepared to pay.
He pulled out his cheque book and started to write away.
No dear sir the elf calmly said,
Either you stay here or you'll be left out for dead.

Santa was confused as only a fat man can be,
Never again would this joker be free.
He was assigned to deliver the toys,
To sweet little girls and roughly cut boys.

Forever and ever after that day,
Santa would come on Christmas to say:
Ho ho ho and deliver the toys,
From elves in the snow to dear little boys.

After a while a beard came to show,
Thus of the Santa we all think we know.
The longer he lived the fatter he got,
We all know Santa doesn't really do a lot.

Just sits in that sleigh he bought back in time,
For few old pennies and half a dime....

Copyright © latisha457, All Rights Reserved

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