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01/07/2009 @ 12:33am

You violate
contravene and disobey

disregard anything
No matter who you hurt or how profane

Holding me against my will
it's not a cause of any thrill

I've told you no
so please go away
You'll hurt me more the longer you stay

You say you'll keep doing it
I finally give up

All I can do is lie limp
until you've had enough

I'm begging you please no
you're forcing too much

you say you'll never let go
till I'm fond of your touch

You'll hold me down
and I can't make a sound
hands up and down
I can't scream
There's no one around

I don't get a say
and you'll never go away

you're never gonna stop
till I give you what you want

The more you keep going
it's my freedom you take
all in all
I'm going to break

I'm too weak
I'm all alone
No one sees me
no one knows

And afterward don't laugh
don't make it like a joke

Don't pretend you think I liked it
when all I've said to you is no

And don't give me that smile
every time I see you

You're eyes burn right through me
you don't even have to mean to

You've taken a part of me
and I'll never be whole

As much as I hate to face it
I know I'm facing this alone
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