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01/18/2009 @ 4:42am

You almost stopped me before, but you will never do it again
What is your definition of a ďfriendĒ?
Is it someone who will step over you when you are on the ground?
Or is it someone who destroys your name when you are not around?
Is it someone who will hurt you to make themselves feel better?
Or maybe someone who thinks that your feelings donít matter?
If that is your definition, then you are the best
You tried to leave me broken, but I survived your test
Iím better than I ever was, now that youíre gone
I have strength for today, tomorrow, and beyond
A sparkle in my eye because I saw you for you
A weight off my shoulders because I now know the truth
A smile on my face because Iím finally set free
And a purpose in life because Iím living for me!
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