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Dad You Killed Us
01/18/2009 @ 4:42am

How could you do to anyone,
What you did to your own child?
To take away her innocence,
Did that make you smile?
You touched her in places you shouldn‘t have.
And didn’t find anything wrong with it.
How can she forgive you for something
That you and I both know she’ll never forget?
Your daughter is dying inside because of you
My sister will never be the same.
“Daddy” is what she looked to you as,
And you wonder why I’ll never call you that name.
In her eyes you were her protector.
Not the one she should be protected from.
The pain and torture that you put her through,
Can never be undone.
How can she trust anyone to love her,
When the first guy to touch her was you?
For one sick night of pleasure,
You destroyed a soul. It’s true.
I wanted to kill you when she told me
How you violated her body and soul,
That’s baby girl, my little sister,
Someone who will never be whole.
You took the one thing from her that didn’t belong to you.
She saved her virginity for the right dude.
You are supposed to be her father.
The right guy was not YOU!!!
I know I shouldn’t wish harm on someone,
But one day, I hope you pay.
For destroying my little angel,
And killing her spirit that day.
You have no idea what you have done,
You are more sick than any other.
You didn’t only kill her that day.
I died too: Her Brother.

*this is a true poem. This happened to my lit'l sister.
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