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The Heated Winter
02/01/2009 @ 2:55pm

I always sign on,
Just to see if you're there,
I think about you too much,
I hope this is a feeling we share.

Written poems,
And a burnt CD,
Sending velour flowers,
To my heart, you found the key.

I hope you open the door,
And are fearless to step inside,
Throw away the rule book,
Why should we abide?

Iíll runaway with you,
As long as in your arms,
Because when Iím with you,
There are no dangers or harms.

So please step into my world,
And take a long peek,
For a second just watch,
Be amazed, donít speak.

Leave your clothes at the door,
Because in this winter chill,
Your body heat warms me,
Your dreams I will fulfill.

By the end of the hours,
We disregard the clock,
Just you and me laying there,
We are frozen in shock.

I start to laugh,
And you start to smile,
Just knowing weíll be together
For quite a while.

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