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the broken glass
02/01/2009 @ 2:55pm

So go drink your tears
And suck away the pain,
because tomorrow is a new start,
o joy! another day

never far enough away,
never deep enough in,
I am always losing,
Wish I could win.

This may sound cheesy,
I know I am weird,
I cannot be intimidated
I wish I could be feared

My wrists bleed,
My heart throbs,
The saddest tunes in my heart,
My emotions they rob.

Without a shelter,
Without a home,
I need support,
I am not fine alone.

Itís a desperate cry,
That you hear at night,
I used to think I was strong enough
To win this war, this fight.

No more mean,
No more fake,
No more weak,
I will not break.

Shards of glass,
Flying around,
Like lost souls,
Just waiting to be found.

Still they fly,
They fly away,
Because like I said,
Tomorrow is just another day.

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