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Happy Yet
02/22/2009 @ 12:02pm

The crushing sensation,
This elephant on my chest,
My life is beginning to darken,
I am failing the test.

The wind is escaping me,
Like the air out of a balloon,
A sledgehammer held tightly,
Emotions hitting me like a typhoon.

I am fighting a losing fight,
You are long gone,
No longer can I hold you that tight,
No longer can we have that much fun.

To say that I am depressed would be wrong,
To say that I am detached would be accurate,
My feelings for you are reluctantly still strong,
I hope all of this is worth your carat.

So bold,
So beautiful,
So cold,
So awful.

There is no one to blame but me,
I can see that,
But do you seriously have to be so full of glee,
Flaunting and annoying me like a gnat?

I lost,
Thrice presently,
Given time to defrost,
I might once again become carefree.

You drink your wine,
Iíll have my beer,
You two can dine,
And Iíll stay here.

I might poke my head in now and again,
But unfortunately I canít love you anymore,
The games we played back then,
Have now gone out the door.

This chapter of our lives is coming to an end,
But will the book be closed forever,
Or will it make a final stand,
Will we ever live happily ever after?

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