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Thoughts of you
02/22/2009 @ 12:03pm

The other night she asked me if I loved her,
I thought of you,
And told her no.

A beautiful young lady bought me a drink and winked at me,
I looked at the beer and walked out the door,
Because all I could think about was you.

I went to the lake with some friends,
We ogled some ladies,
And while they were talking, I was busy thinking.

I asked a friend for some ice,
They told me to chip some off of my heart,
All I could do was think of you.

Some people have asked why I am so cold, mean and lonely,
I almost mentioned your name,
But I just went along my miserable way.

Why did you have to do this to me,
What did I do to you,
Where am I supposed to go from here?

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