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Big Man?
03/22/2009 @ 1:32am

I thought I heard your voice today
I stood paralyzed, numb and still
My mouth parched, so many things to say
And in a second I realized I never will

Yes, I heard you on the radio show
Talking about one night stands that bite
I could have called that number you know
The one you whispered to me late that night

You talked mighty proud today
But I saw another side of that face
You were a real big man today
Behind a loud mic, with no face

I should have called in today
But you wouldnít have put me on the air
Because there was so much I wanted to say
About how I knew who you were and didnít care

You can brag about your groupies and fans
But it was you that came to where I work
And you can act like youíre all the man
But I was there to see every freakish quirk

I know how you like it and how you hide it
I know the mask you wear and how you fight it
I know when the pain gets too much to bear
You come see me dance because Iíll always be there

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