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Thoughts of a Dirty Girl Getting Dressed in the Dark
03/27/2009 @ 12:13am

I donít need to wake by your side
Wrapped arm in arm only to find
That I donít need the morning breath stink
Or faked ďyouíre beautifulĒ whispered when we really think
My god, is this what I fell into bed with last night
I pray I donít let it be ruined by morning light
Just go to sleep, in the middle of the night
Iíll find my dress, Iíll make it home all right
Sleep in my own bed all cozy and tight
Iíll leave you with sheets that smell of me
I may even leave you with a souvenir panty
As long as I donít have say I didnít hear you snorning
Or the belches and farts that come with the morning
No, Iíll never consider it a walk of shame
To sneak home at night with nobody to blame
Letís remember the touches and tastes of midnight
The way they were, not in the harsh light
I snicker in my pillow because I know itís mine
No covers stolen or shared, my privacy divine
Did we share numbers or promises to call
Doesnít matter, fate will decide it all
For now Iíll sleep the slumber of the hunter
Who marked her prey, tagged it and bagged it in under
An hour of acting naÔve, innocent and nice
When all I wanted was you between my thighs
No, this poem will never win awards
For etiquette and moral standards, for sure
But it was fun to compose it while I thought of how hot
You must look laying alone in the wet spot

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