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"Broken Heart"
04/09/2009 @ 7:45am

Now I see how it is
With my mind slowly dying
My heart keeps on pounding
My eyes fill with tears
And She doesn't care

I was faithful and true
She was hurtful and cruel
I gave everything I had
She took everything away

Made me feel insecure
All my confidence torn
It feels like a blur
When she last loved me
All I can do now is morn

Morn the days I put up with,
All the lying and the cheating
I loved her more than myself
Call me selfish, call me weird
I never lied about loving her

She's moving on with a boy
Two years younger than she
I could break him like a toy
I can't lower myself to her level
I can't pretend to be

All the compassion and affection I gave
Meant nothing but more lies she could make
I love you, she would say
I knew she would leave me one day

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