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Best Buds... :)
04/09/2009 @ 7:46am

He said to take it day by day
Lets go slow, so it won't fade away.
He promised to be honest...
Ha! What a lie.

I walked in his door,
and saw him with a guy.
He said it was his best bud.

Or did he say it was his best butt?
Ha ha it all seems like a dream.
I was kind of drunk,
but it doesn't mean I couldn't see.

Their hands were locked in one,
lips touched with lust.
If I walked in any later,
someone would of bust!

I laugh and turned and walk away.
Drank some more hoping to forget the day.
But when I woke up it hit me,
he's gay!

How foolish was I not see.
I knew he was curious,
but it was to hard to believe.

So I left him,
so he can go on his own way.
He said he's sorry, it won't happen again.

I said no thanks,
let's just be friends.

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