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Backward Seasons
04/19/2009 @ 2:57am

The twirling rays of sunlight
Dance graciously on my skin
It warms me with a touch
Outside to within

And when the sun burns
It is put out by the cooling breeze
Rustling luscious leaves as it swings by
Always in a hurry, is the Summer breeze

My feet land lightly upon this Mother Earth
As the Spring flowers bloom
A soft, soothing music for my ears
Listening to the bird's coons

Until there is silence once again
As the birds head south
Here comes a glistening blanket of snow,
I breathe Winter's air from my mouth

Behind which frost overlays
As color brightens my world
The Autumn's love of reds and yellows
An enlightenment of my eyes will unfurl

But Summer comes
To graciously greet me again
Though my seasons are quite backwards
It does not matter, For I do understand
Of glorious love and beauty
And where it begins
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