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04/20/2009 @ 8:57am

To lie there with so much uncertainty
wanting to hesitate
But with every touch there is a rush
Kiss by kiss the uncertainty fades
There is no longer a need to wait
As he enters so gently
You would not believe
How pain slowly turns to pleasure
And soon after I can not hold it
So I have to let out a scream
Just so he understands what I mean
And I love it even more when he increase his speed
Now I can no longer see
There are no sheets, no mattress, nor pillows
Its just us on a cloud
Feeling so free to do what we please
And its as if hes giving his all to please me
The marks on his back is not my fault
I just need a way to release
All you hear is screams but its like a song to me
Oh shit the condom has pop so he takes it out of me
But don't worry; we wont start right away
We'll take a break; rebuild energy
And then we'll start up again cause sex
Is no longer a mystery to me
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