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Free, Long Last
05/07/2009 @ 1:31am

I never knew
Walking away was so easy
So Peaceful, So Kind
My stress all behind
Where the still body lay
Where grass of crimson
Shines in the fray

I'm so free, So Luxurious
I dance all around
My body so light,
My mind so free,
To stop by the police,
I think they're police?
Saying Hey so cheerfully

But it was not right
Their solemn faces so pale
I try to catch their attention
All they do is stare
Stare at the horror
The Atrocity, The Hate,
Stare at the girl
Whose death was fate

I can't help but feel a shock
For the poor girl...
Wait, Does she not look familiar?
Oh yes, So familiar
But the thought escapes me
For I feel so light
I barely glide on the grass
This feels so good
To be free, Long Last.
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