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I can still sense you.
05/07/2009 @ 12:33am

I can still feel the wind rummaging through my hair,
The soft green grass still caresses my toes,
Those soft red flowers on that hill I canít even compare,
The sounds of everything I canít even compose.

If I would have known those were your last days,
If I would have only known,
After so few birthdays,
Youíd be leaving me alone.

I still see your beautiful silky hair,
Feel the velvety touch of your hand on my cheek,
Smell that tangy scent on the air,
You could always make me feel meek.

I miss you more and more every day,
God gets tired of hearing me scream your name,
The thoughts of you wonít go away,
My mind has gone aflame.

All of my senses have gone awry,
I can still hear you even when youíre no longer around,
I know its all a lie,
A trick that happened when you were laid in the ground.

I miss you,
I hate you!
I donít want to,
But I do.
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