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The touch of his hand
05/14/2009 @ 4:43pm

This poem is for Mike C.

Feather-light touches send shivers down my spine
Strong hands to send me reeling into that sweet abyss
A lazy finger leaving a heated trail between my breasts

Trembles of delight are his reward
The lost look of pure desire radiating from blue eyes
The arch of my body begging for more

The rumble of his laughter reaches my ears
Even as his fingers weave their magic upon my skin
Teasing circles around flesh that crave completion

A flick here
A pinch there
Just enough rub to send me reaching for more

Delirium is my torturous companion
As his fingers strum my passions to life
Circling the parts that crave him the most

The warmth of his palm on my belly
Shudders of delight spasm beneath my skin
Uncontrollable response to the power of his touch

Your amazing hunny . love your sweety
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