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05/27/2009 @ 9:26pm

I breath in,
As you breath out,
I take one gasp,
Without a hesitating doubt,

As a warmth spreads through my soul like wildfire,
So refreshing so new,
Like smelling fresh daisies in the morning,
Ha ha-- What a joke,
The warmth that spreads through me,
Is a fierce burning that melts the ice,
A hate, A desire,
Pain that shoots through everything
As the ice cracks and breaks,
Shatters and scars,
What is left of my heart,
Appears as ash from cigars,

Roaring in my ear,
No doubt it's what I hear,
The anger and pain too long forgotten,
My will to lash out,
To hurt others, as has been done to me...

But something keeps me still,
As coolness washes over me,
Maybe reality has a purpose,
A hope, A light,
Something to look for amongst darkness,
Something that makes me keep searching,
Hiding away the pain and anger,
that has no place in my heart anymore
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