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06/03/2009 @ 9:27pm

(BEeeeepushh beeepushhhpuewsh)
They went off all around me.
Like colorless fireworks
Killing cities all at once.
Maybe this will be my last
My last time
To speak
to dream.
Its worse than it
They collapse
One bye one
Just going down
Then boom
Again, I hear that sound.
And I'm so close now.
The wind,
Pushing me towards that fence
How does this make sense?
This is the promise
Is this what we read about?
In the Torah,
It has milk and honey,
Not this war.
You would think
There is more.
There must be more.
Ask me what we are
Fighting for.
Do I know?
Does he know?
What about her?
Boom. she is dead.
Her head hitting the lamp post,
Her body burning to toast.
Is this what we care for
I hear another bomb.
This one is closer.
I look to the east
To the wall
I see my brother
The agony on his face
Speaks for both sides.
The guns shoot insouciance.
It heavily permeates
Throughout the empty city.
This city is now just a shell.
Containing thousands of years' history BOOM! Gone.
The ashes of culture, promises, religion, life all ascend deep into the
Grey clouds of the
Indigo sky.
The fumes penetrate my lungs,
Dizzying my sanity,
Rolling my eyes so far
Why I am here?
Why am I the last to be here?
One last time bomb goes off.
Its the one in my heart.
I am here.
I was there.
I am gone.

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