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"Sounds of Silence"
06/08/2009 @ 12:13am

Watching the summer sky
Birds whispering away
Gentle faces passing by
Wishing I could stay

Don't know who I'm kidding
Wishing I were with you
Knowing what i'm saying
Is another mystery too

Dreaming of the city
Waiting till it sleeps
Falling for that special girl
Everyone wants to meet

Dreaming with the ocean
Following the footsteps down
Wondering who's down there
Making all that sound

Music fills my heart with love
Dreams make me want to fall in love
I just wish I were in love
Dream away

Dream away the love you share
Kiss away the times you've spared
Work goes with the shameful past
Will my love for her ever last?

I'm forgiven everything that happened
I'm not sure if its for the best,
I think I deserve better, faster, more
Intimate love.
Not all that's left.

Dreaming fills my heart with love
Music comes along with love
Everyone wants to fall in love,
Why can't I?
Because they all say goodbye.

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