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This is me.
06/30/2009 @ 2:42am

The moment finally came,
I tried today and no such luck,
I called so many people in vain,
I have to admit, I am stuck.

I am lonely, crazy, and out of control,
I need a girl to calm this crazy fool,
Someone to make this beast that I am whole,
Someone, when compared to me isnít so cruel.

I am bitter, jealous, and foolish,
I have seen shooting stars,
I have made upon them many a wish,
I must carry upon my back the scars,

The scars that show my back stabbing ways,
That I pray for people to forgive,
I just need someoneís praise,
I need someone to show me how to live!

I am so lonely,
So pathetic,
Just cast me out to sea,
This whole thing just makes me sick!

I want to be whole,
When I am whole,
Everyone will know,
You will know.
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