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Used to be
07/04/2009 @ 2:30am

I used to be an artist you know,
Someone who could sketch, paint, and write you anything at all,
I could have been famous,
I should have been more focused.

I was shaping up to be a real pro,
I would have been standing tall,
A real success,
Not filled with so much disgust.

Anguish pours from me head to toe,
I am aiming where I fall,
I see the darkness,
I see my dreams beginning to rust.

There is but one way now for me to go,
I attempt to stand but only crawl,
Why am I such a mess,
I would fall over with a single gust.

I used to be an artist you know,
I used to be loved as well.
Loved so much I felt like I was in a nest,
So full of pride I could’ve bust.

All of that is behind me now,
I slaughtered my great white whale,
I did my best,
Now its your turn I trust.
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