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devils reject
07/18/2009 @ 11:36am

Goddamn your righteousness
I personally don't give a shit
Screw your plastic sympathy
Its just a game of hypocrites

Your normalacy can go to hell
I raise my hand in such rebellion
And scream fuck the world
I'm not here for money or retaliation

I just want to walk these streets free
No propoganda, no strict creeds, just simplicity
So excuse me, I'm not here to start trouble
I'm just tired of seeing this world double

Two-faced politicians, can suck my dick
Subliminal stimulation, can match this
Personal individuality
I'm sorry if you don't accept me

I'd rather walk alone in this walk of shame
Then to burn in Hell, but hey I enjoy the fame
Look through your maggot filled eyes
And gaze above at the skies

Your establishment,
Such a way of living
It the reason for its embellishment
I'm sick and tired of caring

The world wants me to be
Something I don't want to be
So I turn the other way
Prouder than any of these motherfuckers
Any fucking day!

I walk my own road
And follow my own dreams
A true rebel at heart
And that is why
The devil has rejected me
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