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08/12/2009 @ 2:59pm

There's a giant mass of scartissue
inside both my head and my heart.
All the anger that has built up
makes me want to tear you apart.

You fucked me over, you hurt me bad
Do you think I care if I make you sad
You tried to be friendly,
you've attempted to apologize.
Inside my head I keep visualizing every lie.

It's not that I disliked you,
or ever tried to prove you wrong.
I was there for you the whole time
And then my heart was pissed on.

What ever I'm feeling towards you,
you probably deserve.
With everything you did to me,
you sure had some nerve.

I was nothing but great to you,
my family as well.
But fuck you,
take yourself and your actions
straight to hell
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