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Dreams Come True
08/21/2009 @ 6:46pm

Her body completely still, her mind is racing;
looking around, unsure of what she's facing.
Her pain uncovered, feeling so bare;
no one notices, no one to care.
She's hollow and deeply bruised;
extremely confused
on how you could be amused.

Slowly suffering, dying with each moment that expires;
sick and irritated by playing in the fires.
She's suffocating, impaired from abuse;
morbid rape, and misuse.
She wants to dance in the rain;
free of pain
and letting it all drain.

Determined to run, departing home to be free;
extremely independent, sit under a willow tree.
Allowed whatever, do anything;
be simple, let her heart sing.
Declares she's gone, vacates with a scream;
life-changing dream
and she's her own team.
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