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Her plan Is an Emergency
08/29/2009 @ 12:20am

Sirens in the distance,
Flashing lights to create a newly lit sky,
Moving over to let it by,
People watch as it races away,

She was ruptured,
She was bleeding,
Trust her,
She knew what she was doing,

She knew she got it right when the phone call was made,
She knew it was going as planned when she could only see the sky,
Her choices were everything,
Her choices were grave,

She loved to be outside,
But now all she could feel was the hard bed,
Being with friends, Her favorite,
But now if she saw you, Her eyes only mislead,

An emergency, Be quick,
All is going as she planned,
She did her research well,
Just don't touch her with your surgical hand,

Its inside, its bleeding,
The tear is great,
A freak accident, They can't be sure,
But it's going as her secret plan,

She knew she was there,
She hardly breathed,
No reaction here,
Her eyes were dull,
No life, No will
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