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Death and Dishonor
09/15/2009 @ 11:44am

Flesh young brothers with iced out chains,
when they walked down the street all the women yelled their name,
both were twins but niether were the same,
one talked with his actions while the other used his brains,
if they ever had a problem they would set it all to flames,
it was just that simple when they both was full of rage,
like a lion in the zoo the world had them cage,
they wanted money and power to the world was amazed,
till a dark friday night one twin lyed in pain,
clutching on his chest while his brother cried in vain,
he dropped the gun to the ground and his heart did the same,
knowing he shot his brother made his legs feel lame,
looking in their eyes you can see them full of shame,
fighting when they're brothers over money was the blame,
tears began to fall that his heart couldn't tame,
starring at his shirt as the blood startes to stain,
he took a deep breath and held the gun to his brain,
no shots were heard because of the thunder and the rain...
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