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A Beatles Tribute
09/18/2009 @ 8:44am

Who knows where to go?
Who goes there?
Who is who,
When somebody can be anybody?

When will it be enough?
When will we lose our worth?
When the end of time begins,
How not to let it be?

How an answer is impossible.
How can we accomplish nothing?
How can we come together,
If the lies we weave are the truths we perceive?

If our minds are always across the universe,
If love is pain,
If pain is beauty,
Then why am I not gorgeous?

Then why aren't all beginnings new?
Then our conclusions are beginnings too.
Then all love is old, love is new.
Why all questions never have direct answers.

Why he who died is born again.
Why when all hope is gone, the skies still blue.
Why we are judged by how much we have.
Why if all you need is love, we should be happy.
And why even when we feel alone, we still have each others insanity beside
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