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Secrets of the Lady Suzanne
09/25/2009 @ 9:55am

Did her dying Father reveal the mouldering truth?
The actual putrid events not uncovered by any sleuth?
Since that long ago Camelot cancer in Dallas,
America had only grown indifferently callous?
So many who might have known?
All gone - until just he alone?
He had not even told his dearest America soul mate?
For her the resulting danger would be too great?
The then Air Force officer and JFK friend
On special duty in Texas had been.
After those fatal shots,
He finally discovered who orchestrated the sad events from which America
still rots?
Was his later Vietnam assignment,
All part of a 'verity realignment'?
Was he in combat to conveniently die?
Making sure the plot did not later go awry?
Only months before his demise,
A museum curator he tried unsuccessfully to advise!
Were the 'strange political befellow' Texas families still the facts
No wanting his discounting of details of THEIR truth disrupting?
Now, only his sole daughter knows?
Will she return to Europe and the truth never expose?
Or, will his recently discovered secret journals
Be the ultimate revenge of the colonel's?

Truth - REALLY is sometimes stranger than fiction?
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