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09/30/2009 @ 11:27pm

The world is too quiet.
I canít stand this silence.
Just say what you feel.
Not what they want to hear.
No one is perfect.
Not you.
Not me.
Why is life so hard.
Why is it hard to be free.
There is freedom of speech.
Thatís a great deal.
What is wrong with us?
Why canít we say how we feel?
There is no point in this.
No point in being.
Why are we living..
When we donít know.
Thereís no point in seeing.
Where blind to the truth.
But seeing is believing.
So with a lack of sight,
What do we see?
Thereís no where to go.
And you will never be free.
Why even try?
Itís a waste of your time.
So what can we do?
All our senseís have failed.
Thereís no point in feeling.
Because feelings are fake.
And fake is a joke.
No one was ever real.
Not from the beginning.
And not in the end.
Touch the surface.
Thatís all you can feel.
Smell the air.
Does that make you believe?
Listen to whatís around you.
Hear the people.
Does that make it true?
What they say means nothing.
Not to me.
Not to you.
I can taste your lies.
And you can taste mine.
Such a bitter flavor.
And yetÖ
So divine.
Now what is left?
Your senses have failed you.
There is no proof.
So nothing is true.

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