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Dead Man's Hand
10/05/2009 @ 8:56pm

I just saw Buddha in the Christmas tree
Staring at where my dignity used to be
Iíve got a dead manís hand and a worse off heart
But what the hell letís play ďtear me apartĒ

The Yule log burns twisting blades of orange eating away our hostility
Yet at the same moment perpetrating moments of Venetian masked glee
Why donít we feed inimical passion, why donít we watch the fire spread?
From the toes of our wishes to our happy ever after end?
Just to complete our psychotic fun lets soak our hearts in ketamine
And while weíre at it dowse our dreams in citrus scented gasoline.

I want to bury my troubles in gingerbread dreams,
With all the hopes breaking stocking seams
Chocolate covered lies lay remnant on frosting snow
Forget, forget me, forget me not as this harsh wind blows
I watch the ravishment of the trees make art on the wall
Of pretty shifting shadows reminding me of dancing at a ball.

Does the lamentation not tear through your silent night?
Or can it not be heard as it scrapes through torn lungs into a land of harsh
Lungs scraped clean from screaming out lullabies and Yule log made smog
And these thoughts encompass me continuing to beat and flog
Sorry, Iím sorry, Iím so sorry for not defining this word called love
I donít know the ways of the world nor do I want to know what theyíre of
For the world is a place of bitter minds, thence came all our troubles.
If it wasnít for the world would we be trapped under the rubble?
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