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In her Absence
10/05/2009 @ 8:59pm

Here I am once more...smoking
..on the balcony of my dreams.
My heartís beating gestures of love...pulsating,
...deserted in the darkness of lust.

Ardent thoughts conquer my mind,
While puffing circles of smoke in the midnight air,
Slowly...the smoke dissipates into the dim heavens.

Blindly...I ponder the silence of darkness,
As I gaze sightlessly...holding her in my dreams.
...with passionate...romantic strokes,
Iíd softly caress her fears into oblivion,
Echoing my love...crumbling her walls of hurt.

A crimson sea...crashes onto my heart's shore.
Surging waves of yearning...ripple my flesh.
Mists of love...lace this fervent urge,
On a night...born from complete desolation.
...an endless craving...of savoring her salty taste.

She fades from my vivid dreams,
Like a puff of smoke in the midnight air.
While I helplessly sink...in the abyss of her absence.

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