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I can't take anymore
10/18/2009 @ 7:06pm

Before I left I meant to say
That there is no fucking way
That I could listen to this witless banter
I am angry, I am red in the face
And I cannot stand this place
All of this yelling, these negative vibes
Look at these children you made
We are the price you paid.
But hide your eyes beneath the blanket
I will hide the truth from their eyes
And then throw it in the open yelling ‘Surprise!”
At the top of my lungs, “we are all crazy here.’
Stop acting perfect, this shallow facade
It is something I’m hating, when you thought
I was just some smart witty doormat
I was the kid scheming for payback
Scheming to bleed you for your lack of tack
I’m turning off reality and yet bringing it back to you
Live and so personal, you’re witless and I abhor-
I abhor every part of you that has come to light
Of late, and everything I ignored for years
More with every shot and all your beers
The pen hits paper, fist to wall
Blood drips to the polished wood floor
I’m sorry, but I cant, I can’t take anymore.

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