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The Stand
10/28/2009 @ 9:04pm

She dances around the room
He walks against the walls
She tries to find a perfect man
He tries to find a one-night stand

They find each other on the dance floor
In her room now behind a closed door
It's just a one-night stand
So don't worry about it

Just a one-night stand
Just a one-night stand
Come on, baby, give me some of that

She knows what she wants
He knows he won't give in
Only love her for coffee in the morning
Come on, baby, give me some of that
Just a one-night stand

Push in, pull out, don't worry
She feels so dirty
He feels so good
This will never work

He feels so good
He feels so right
He feels so big
She feels so tight
Just a one-night stand
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