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10/29/2009 @ 3:03pm

Lost, deep in my mind.
Myself, I cannot find.
Torn between what is right and wrong.
Hopefully I'll figure it out before long.

Need to spread my wings and fly.
Keep my head up and look towards the sky.
I'm on my own to sort things out.
Feeling like I need to scream and shout.

Wondering where I might be.
Hoping somebody will find me.
I'm lost deep inside my mind.
Myself, I wish I could find.

Lost inside a world of dreams.
My life is going like a steady stream.
Wondering what my future holds.
Life is just beginning, so I'm told.

Haven't figured my life out yet.
Staring at the ground that's wet.
Blind to what's in front of me.
Someone who saw what I can really be.

One who was there all along,
Making me feel like I belong.
Waiting for me to see.
He was truly there for me.

Finally I see who's really there.
The one that isn't going anywhere.
Now I'm not so lost.
I plan to stay that way, no matter the cost.

Love has helped me at last.
Leaving bad things in the past.
Loving him is what I continue to do.
Here's where I say I love you.
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