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02/04/2010 @ 9:50pm

A new season come upon us. The belts a little tighter than we might like.
For good old uncle sam has been unkind. So this season my wishes are for
simpler things. To have good friends. To be with a loving family. To
embrace the spirit that the holiday is meant to be. For all that can be
kind to those that have love ones away. For our freedom they are fighting
for. May that never see a season so tight as this again forced upon us. As
I embrace the loved one I have to my bosom in hopes of peace. I hope you
find yourself doing the same. For this is time season for giving thanks for
the little things that we have. I welcome the season this year with a
lighter heart than usual. For hope is in the air to grasp with our hearts
and hands. May the season fins you feeling the lightness that comes with
simple pleasures that it has to offer.
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