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I Say
11/14/2009 @ 8:33pm

Explain it through art, I say
Paint the world in thick colors
Broad strokes make your pictures
But yet, something is missing

Explain it through music, I say
Let the harmonies guide your ears
Let your fingers dance with grace
But yet, something is missing

Explain it through writing, I say
Show your readers a new style
Let the elegance of your pen lead you away
But yet, something is missing

I've spread the language
Made songs of mouth and fingers
Painted physical definitions of beauty
The world that thrives on three
But something is a miss
And that something brings me to my knees
As the mouth cries
As the music turns silent
As pictures slowly turn from what is to what was
A silent prayer is understood
For the relief of a long and painful journey
For a gift greater than the heavens above
Unconditional Love
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