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In the Wood of Black
11/22/2009 @ 1:33pm

In the wood of black trees,
And golden skies,
Lives a child,
A dreamer,
Like all of us once were.
She has messy hair of brown,
And wears a nightgown that flows to her ankles.
She runs barefoot,
With the creatures of the wood.
Her best friend is a lion.
Gentle and kind,
And always by her side,
They explore
And dream together.
All she must do is believe,
And it is so.
She dreams of wings of an insect,
And so she can fly.
She dreams of fireflies
That glow different colors,
As if they were lights on a Christmas tree,
And so there are.
She dreams of music within the air,
Drums and Flutes,
that paint the colors across the sky,
with every note,
And so they do.
She dreams of a world
Where everyone gets along,
And so they do.
She dreams of many glorious adventures,
And new cultures,
And languages,
And worlds within her world,
And equality among them all,
And so there was…

So many dreams
That became so
Because she believed,
In the wood of black.

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