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"Better Off"
11/21/2010 @ 7:38pm

Waiting on the telephone
Sittin' here all alone
Shattered pain that I haven't felt yet
So much hurt and full of regret
Letting you go, I shouldn't have said

You make me feel like I want to die
Every time you say goodbye
You smile and I never see
Everything you say you do not mean

Words are said as love is blind
Whatever I do wrong, I leave behind
She broke my heart and let me down
I never wanna see her around

You make me feel like I want to die
Every time you lied and said goodbye
People who cheat, don't belong with me
Your smile I didn't see

Though we slept and made our nights
I won't forget all the fights
Blame controlled on me
Even though you were happy
I was not

I don't care who you wanted me to be
All I ever got was your selfish personality
Everything you and every time there
I always knew you didn't care
The times we shared together
I thought it would be forever
But I'm better off
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