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12/12/2010 @ 1:08pm

Someone wake me from this nightmare,
Please, do it, go ahead.
Someone, anyone, please help me
Before I feel completely dead.

I need someone to understand
And help me through this.
I need to feel something, anything,
Even something as small as a kiss.

Can anyone please come quick
And never leave me alone?
Can one person help me
And make me feel like I'm known?

I have wished the same
Wish for way to long.
My wish that hasn't come true
Is to feel like I really belong.

The want and need to belong
Is a big issue I have in my life.
I even have a feeling that I still
Wont belong, not even as a wife.

For I know that my husband wont
Care about why I'm pissed or upset.
Once I say that I need to talk he'll go,
"Honey, not now, I'm busy watching the television set."

As soon as he says that
You know where I'll be.
I'll be in my bedroom crying
And talking to my pillow and me.

For I am just a women who always
Has to show strength and happiness.
I wish I could talk to someone
And finally feel fearless.

For I fear many things
And also my very life.
All because I handle so much,
Maybe even to much, anger, pain, and strife.
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