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Mother Earth's Crys
12/12/2010 @ 1:14pm

When trees went untouched and the air was still fresh.
When the animals did as they pleased with there habitats still whole.
The creatures would play side by side till a new animal came along this
animal was called man.
Man did not play fair or care about the other animals homes.
He did as he pleased even if it meant destroying the untouched trees and
burning the wood to ruin the air. An the waters that once ran so clear with
the biggest fish healthy and strong.
Now were dirtied and over fished gone.
Years home by and soon all the animals began to die the waters dried air
became poisoned and soon the lands were left only dirt and sand.
All thanks to man.
But one day man became crazy fought with himself started a war an soon man
A was in which could not be won so he lay there dead under the sun.
All hope was lost thought mother Earth so she began to cry.
From under the dry dirt cracked was green the new land.
The untouched trees were back in there place.
The clear rivers flowed and the healthy fish swam.
The animals played the air was clean again and all was better because man
was gone.

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