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12/12/2010 @ 1:15pm

A husbands wife says I want a divorce
He's torn by those words
Later he waits in the kitchen waiting for her to come home
She walks in the front door and into the kitchen seeing him cry
He points a gun to his head and replies If i can't have u no one can
Then "Boom"
There he is L.T.R.

A young boy hangs out on the roof of his house
Thinking about his miserable past and what others have said to him
He walks closer and closer to the edge of the roof
Someone sees him and begs for him to come down
He almost comply but his body slips the wrong way
He falls down fall and fell 40 feet to the ground and on his back
There he is L.T.R.

A young woman goes to a party
Hoping to have the time of her life
She decides to become flirty with a guy over her age
He only assumes she wants to have sex with him
All she wants is to have a good time without paying the price
He grabs her without anyone noticing and rapes her
After sex he decides to choke her without remorse
There she is L.T.R.

A woman wants to have fun
She's on drugs not caring for her newborn
One day she wondered what liquid would make her feel
She takes her newborn for a drive after having a whole bottle of vodka
She goes over the speed limit while jamming to music
Then the unthinkable happens another car crashes into her instantly killing
her and her baby
There they are L.T.R.

A teenage male becomes curious
He wants to lose his virginity before entering college
Strangely enough he walks the streets to find pleasure
He finds a woman who will satisfy his needs
Keeps going and going until he is pleased
7 months later he realized he has AIDS
Not too long after AIDS took over his last breath
There he is L.T.R.

A man is addicted to food
Thinking everything will be alright
Over the years he grows and grows
Until one day he took his final meal
He's rushed to the hospital
Before he got there his heart exploded
He took advantage of what was in front of him
There I am Laid To Rest
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