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Leave Me Alone
12/12/2010 @ 1:15pm

Make up my mind for me
Tell me what you really think
Tell me its for glory
My heart begins to sink

Where did the love go?
What happened to our life?
As sure as wind will blow
My life is filled with strife

Why are you still in my life?
Wonít you leave me alone?
Your words like a knife
Are sure to cut my throat

I want peace for once
I want to be me again
I want love and not lust
Arenít you happy with him?

Stop calling me
Stop texting me
Stop mailing me
Stop thinking of me

Just leave me alone
Let my life go on
Let it be known
You left after dawn

You took my life with you
Iíve changed since then
I know more than I knew
Since you left for him

Our love is dead
But my life moves forward
All the thoughts in my head
Leave me forlorn

Goodbye my love
Goodbye for now
Iíll see you above
Iíll see you somehow
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